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Judy's Father's Story

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My dad was not feeling well 21 years ago. He had tremendous pain in his joints and back, severe nausea, flu like symptoms, and a very low pulse. Although he already suffered from arthritis, this pain was much more severe. My father had been bitten by a tick but his doctor insisted there were no Lyme carrying ticks in Berkshire County. My father saw several doctors who came up with various diagnoses: cancer, Lupus, heart disease. He was given a pace maker to regulate his heart rate. The doctors eventually had him tested for Lyme Disease. He tested negative three times before testing positive, He was placed on strong antibiotics for three months which helped him finally feel better. He has had Lyme disease twice since then. Even though he sometimes tests negative, his doctor still prescribes antibiotics which do clear up his symptoms.

My dad says the most frustrating and painful part of the initial Lyme Disease was that no one believed him about the tick. He said that Lyme Disease has been one of the most debilitating experiences he has had.