Tick Spray

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 8 in

16 oz., 8 oz., 2oz.

2 reviews for Tick Spray

  1. Kristen LeBlanc

    This stuff is HANDS DOWN the BEST tick prevention you can get today!!!! I am always outside, hiking, camping, looking for lost dogs in the woods. I have this in my car door, my backpack and at a few friends houses. Whenever I use this I NEVER have Ticks on me of any shape and size. I will not even walk through a yard without spraying myself down. I have told EVERYONE I KNOW about this spray! It works amazing on bugs too don’t get me wrong, but I am not scared of black fly bite, i don’t want to EVER get bit by a Tick and end up with Lyme so that is why I ONLY trust this stuff. Besides never having any Ticks on me…. this stuff smells great!!!! You can go to bed camping knowing your pillow and blankets won’t real like nasty, oily buy spray the big commercial companies make. It smells great, is all natural and keeps Tick’s and Bugs away.. It’s a NO brainer. You also need this in your car door, backpack and in your barn. I highly recommend this product and the amazing owner who ever time I have spoken to at the Big E is so kind and informative. Not only are you going to be Tick free but you get to support a family, female owned business. Thank you for making such a great product!!!! I would go crazy without it.

  2. Robyn Seitles Roukema

    I’m buying again! Every time I spray my dog it not only smells terrific but it works!!! I hav not seen a tick since I started applying your product! Thank you!!

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